A bit of a catch up…

These are the books I have read in 2011… The reviews I have posted and therefore my thoughts on these books. This sums my reading for now. According to my “Word document” I have another 45 pages of books and reviews to post!:

Feet of Clay: Terry Pratchett 

Im slowly getting there with the Discworld series. This is a delightful episode featuring the characters based in the Ankh-Morpork city “watch”. On the face of it, another whodunnit, but reading deeper, you can see how the author has taken time to look at issues of perception of status in society. Got lost a bit with the cross textual referencing – couldnt quite pick up where Pratchett had got his main influence this time! 

Chris Cleave   I can’t fault this book. A superb look at PTSD from the perspective of someone who is suffering from it. The voice of the narrator is a superlative work of fiction. Im very disappointed this was turned into a film.

 One Day

David Nicholls One day; the 15th of July. A story written over 20years about 2 friends, just looking at the events of that day each year. The situation gradually unfolds and although I expected a resolution of some sort, I certainly did not see that one coming. This book was much better than I expected it to be and I feel sorry that I had put it on the shelf so many times over the last year without actually buying it. I’m glad I did buy it and read it now. It is a cleverly executed idea and in the end you a. tually end up feeling quite sorry for Dexter..

Hard Landing (A Dan Shepherd Mystery Series)
Stephen Leather This is an excellent thriller. A little 2 dimensional in places and some of the plot can be seen coming from a thousand miles away. It will never win awards for literature but if you just want a touch of fast paced thrilling reading to fill some hours then this will hit the spot. Would I but another even though they are really cheap for the Kindle? No; probably not.

Armadillo: A Novel
William Boyd This is a really good sideways look at insecurity, by looking at the insurance industry (security). There is a terribly convoluted foreground plot regarding an insurance scam and anyone does well to keep on top of what is happening in that situation. I enjoyed the characters a lot. Boyd always provides a great character study.

 Treasure Island (Penguin Classics)  

Robert Louis Stevenson A classic tale and well worth a read. Very atmospheric

Terry Pratchett Absolutely superb – this was the second book I have read through an e-reader. This book brings the witches of lancre to the fore and the interplay between Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax is hilarious. All this and a very good whodunnit as well. This did keep me guessing. Greebo steals the show.

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