and the other four…..

These books I added after the last trawl and represent the most recent reading I have done:

  • William Walker’s First Year of Marriage: A Horr…
    Matt Rudd

    Im not terribly sure in which genre this book lies. It is, however moderately amusing and has a neat plot worthy of a good short story. It takes no time at all to read and thankfully was very cheap (possibly free as I picked it up for the Kindle). I enjoyed the diary style but felt that the characters lacked depth, but hey-ho who am I to criticise, having never written a book myself.

  • The Leopard
    Jo Nesbo

    Its a good “serial killer” story; but I do not think it is anywhere near as good as “The Snowman”. Surely this must be the end of the line for “Harry Hole” – he cant be brought back from HK again and I would respectfully suggest that sheer number of traumas and events which befell his character in this book, would have stopped a “real” person firmly in their tracks for good.

  • Bad Ideas?: An Arresting History of Our Inventions
    Robert M.L. Winston

    Super book; looks at the history of human endeavour and how our actions are leading to our own demise. Very thought provoking.

  • Painless
    Derek Ciccone

    This is a bit “cat sat on the mat”. The whole book reads as if the author is angling for a movie rather than trying to write a good story. The underlying premise is very good but you can see the whole progress of the story from a very early point in the book.

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