iPhone is back…

Finished “never let me go”; found this to be a compelling read but one which left the reader with a great deal to do. You are never given the full explanation of the why’s and wherefores and are left to fabricate the reasons why society has allowed itself to become such a dystopia as to allow human cloning, creating sterile clones who are farmed for their organs and effectively killed in the end. This is a type of 1984 / animal farm for our generation. That said, there is a tremendous love story set against this vision. I’m not sure I could read this book again but would encourage everyone else to do so. Funnily enough I then started in upon: Rebecca Skloots ” the immortal life of Henrietta Lacks ” which would appear to trace the history and impact if the HeLa cell line which has been so pivotal in late 20th century medical science.


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  1. Rev Stan says:

    Good job I’ve already read Never Let Me Go because you’ve given the main plot device away! I loved it and didn’t have a problem with the lack of explanation. When I saw the film, Kazuo Ishiguro did a Q&A afterwards and he said he wrote it like that because he said throughout history there are examples of peoples who accept their lot despite the oppression.
    He also said that in American test screening an alarming number of people thought it was based on fact, that that’s what actually went on here in Britain….
    PS Welcome to the world of blogging

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