Skippy’s dead

“Skippy dies” is one of the best works of fiction I have read in a good while. It is a properly written piece and deals with the significant issues of trust, friendship, growing up and the events that shape our lives. I can’t help feeling that no character ends up in a position of true happiness. The whole book reflects life in all it’s gory detail.

The structure of the book is somewhat unusual in that the defining event of key relevance to the title occurs right at the start and it is the events that bookend this which make up the bulk of the book.

It is ultimately a very tragic situation for all the characters but there are moments of humour, but these recede as the book accelerates towards it’s finale.

Of particular inspiration is the way a parallel is drawn to the story of Howard and the events which shape his life which end up having a direct impact on the lives of skippy, ruprecht and lori.

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