A long way since skippy

Finally finished “the stonecutter”. This was a much better offering than the debut “ice princess”. I really enjoyed the Character development and the way the two main story threads were woven together. The historical strand is truly relevant to the current day story and a parallel could be drawn to Robert Goddard but I think his work is more about intrigue than crime fiction. I was left guessing to the very end regarding the “whodunnit” aspect. The translation was excellent and seemed to capture the spirit of the text and in no way seemed clunky as many translations can ( I give you jo nesbo’s work ).


I’m now reading the first of the “jack nightingale” novels. Stephen leathers work is usually very easy so I’m expecting a quick “kill” on this one. It does see a welcome return to the kindle for reading matter delivery and also the first book I gave started to read in my new home here in Warwickshire. This also explains the relative slowness in razing for the last few months. I would like to get back to reading a bit more and I can see that I may have a bit more time for this now!

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