Good, bad, and undecided

I have just finished “the good, the bad, and the multiplex” by renowned film critic Mark Kermode. I would not class this book as “outstanding in it’s field”, but a reasonable read nonetheless. However, and it’s a fairly big however, I think there are a number of significant annoyances. I enjoy reasoned opinion as much as the next man , but when this appears to descend into a self- indulgent rant with scant substance, it can lead the reader to stop listening.

I understand that the author had a VERY public and very loud rant against Sex and The City 2 , but to rehash this and churn it out in written form seems as if the author is simply running out of ideas or that they have so few original thoughts that these are the only ones which can be aired.

I’m also very unsure about a book which displays such confusion over it’s target audience. For instance; the reader who wishes to read such pretentious phrases as ” egregious abnegation ” is not the sane as the reader who is comfortable with the slightly offensive, and not a little incongruous ” wanky “. I would like to point out the iPhone dictionary does not even include this and the last time I encountered the word being used without irony was in a puerile comedy programme ( men behaving badly ).

I may and indeed do agree with the views on the decline of cinema but the anger management issues displayed over the messed up cinema booking merely serve to reinforce an assumption that the author may not be entirely rational. I applaud the passion but it can begin to look a bit too evangelistic and I might just have to start encouraging everyone I know to watch films in 3 D just to make sure it remains successful and keeps the author in a state of apoplexy.

Also, the book is a bit short and at least 20% is the index!

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