Life, the Universe and Flatulence

I liked this book ( Marcus Brigstocke ” God Collar”) I think it dares to go places where a lot of people will not go. To be fair, marcus points this out himself and I feel it is a significant strength. I’d like to go back and read ” in god we doubt” and do a bit of a compare and contrast but I have other books I want to get to. The is the odd bit of toilet humour; just enough to stop the book being actually depressing. If you have faith it’s unlikely to shake it and equally if you are an “atheist” it’s unlikely to turn you to the other side. I simply love his way of pointing out that most of those that call themselves “atheist”, only do so to make themselves seem “clever” and as he rightly points out, describing yourself as “atheist” does NOT make you clever by default. I’m glad someone else has said this as I am not a little sick of the self satisfied smugness of those who declaim themselves to be “atheist”. In actual fact this group have the least handle on their own belief system and most tag on the shirttails of those who actually are intelligent ( but not necessarily correct ). Go read it… You never know on what sort of journey it might take you.

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