Going a little off piste with this one. Normally I reserve this blog for books but this is a bit of a crossover.

I read ” the invention of Hugo cabret” a couple of years ago. I eagerly awaited a film once I knew it was in production. The book is such a visual treat, that there was always a chance that the film could be a bit of a disappointment but in the end I was very pleased with the result. Scorsese has managed to take the visual style of the book and run forward with it and create a deeper style which loses nothing and immerses you in the environment of the book.

There is a deep indulgence in the history of early cinema but this is no significant deviation from the book and merely develops some of the themes brought up in the book. It is, at times, quite langorous, and can seem to plod but this just gives you time to enjoy the spectacle.

I will admit there were times where I longed for the film to be in the French language with subtitles as the style really drew heavily on French motifs. The very European cast did a job which no American twining/ mumbling would have helped in any way whatsoever.

I loved the way Baron-Cohen played the station inspector and felt that he had almost moved into a serious role. His fumbling attempts at attracting the attentions of the flower seller were both comedic and tragic and he carried this off superbly. I can safely say that I was not waiting for him to break into the Ali-G style at any point.

Ben Kingsley was superlative in his role as papa georges. The star of the show has to be the direction which deftly drew us into the multilayered mechanics of the world and of relationships and of life itself. This is the glory of the film and a worthy use of the 3D. I’ll live with the 30% light loss in this case. I’ll quite happily buy it on Blu-Ray in due course. This is one fully deserving of as much detail as possible.

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