This book does full justice to the canon of works written by Conan Doyle. It is a well crafted tale. The plot is suitably convoluted as well as being intelligent and detailed. The subject puts it firmly out of the “children’s book” category, delving into the depths of society and depravity but that’s all ok as it all gets sorted in the end ( thats not a spoiler as we all know these books get resolved in the end). Horowitz does a convincing job of mirroring the language and giving us enough detail to immerse us in the environment of Victorian London. I would dearly love this to be part of an ongoing series and am sure they would be very well accepted. Horowitz has already proved he can maintain a character in this way ( the Foyle series) and has the ability to create good and absorbing plots.

Were there any negatives? Well… No. I did guess bits of the plot early on and I knew what the house of silk was all about well before we were told but I didn’t get a fraction of the carstairs plot!


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