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27 million

a21 campaign It’s not often I move away from books on this blog but I’m increasingly feeling the need to branch out and include all the other bits and pieces. Debi and I attended a gig by LZ7 and Matt … Continue reading

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This one was a quick and easy read. It has been lying in the drawer for some time and I felt the need to take a few days away from reading proper literature ( I have yet to finish Mill … Continue reading

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I thought I had written something, but clearly I had not. This book is superb. It has a gentle, almost poetic, style and it leads you through two very different landscapes. One is a northern city street in summer and … Continue reading

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Losing the plot

I’m normally feel quite satisfied after reading a “Stuart MacBride”. HIs style is fast paced, and his tales normally right at the edge of acceptable in terms of the level of depravity he portrays in his criminals. This is normally … Continue reading

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The book with no name

On the face of it, this would seem to be an ordinary horror thriller, but this book defies categorisation. The sheer number of dead people (being killed and as undead characters) provides an exhilarating milieu. All this and vampires as … Continue reading

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