Dead Creepy

Just finished with “Dead like you” from the pen of Peter James. Another outing for the fictional Sussex based detective “Roy Grace”.

This particular story was predictable police procedural fare but had some quite nasty aspects. The story finds Roy investigating a series of nasty rapes which show significant parallels with a set which occurred 12 years previous. There’s a particularly disgusting fetish involving items of ladies clothing and the whole story revolves round the nature of information on the internet and what is accessible both in terms of personal information, and also access to others with similar fetishes. This proves to be the most intelligent part of the book. It provides a real point for thought.

There are some vivid descriptions and James does not shy away from the details.  His research is obviously quite extensive. As ever, I am worried about just how far some of these authors have to travel, in their minds, in order to conjure the scenarios they write.

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