Another film creeps into my book blog. This film is the work of Dave McKean who took a crew to film the passion set in Port Talbot in April 2011. This was a modern retelling of the passion of Christ. “the Teacher” returns to Port Talbot after disappearing 40 days previously and sets about challenging the population who are seemingly in thrall to the mysterious ICU corporation. The story is well known but the drama is very powerful. There are multiple layers of meaning and symbolism. The music is a times a little intrusive, and some of the references are very hard to see; I was completely lost by the story of the bird for instance. I’d love to see how that played out in the mind of the author. The narrative is tricky to pick apart in the 1st 40mins or so but this eventually becomes more coherent once the last supper has taken place. The air of confusion might work well in some ways, in that the original disciples were not exactly “on message” before the time came. It is quite brutal in parts, and the 12A certificate may be hard to justify. The final scene after the crucifixion was a brilliant cinematic moment and the gasp from the crowd underlines the drama. Seeing this whole piece with the inclusion of the crowd gives it an air of immediacy. The reportive style firmly places this piece in our modern media driven society. I’m drawn to correlation with “Coriolanus” with which it shares some common themes and style. It’s a remarkable film.

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