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I’m a great fan of the Inspector Banks series of crime novels by Peter Robinson and I also enjoyed his previous foray away from this “Caedmon’s song”. However. I do think mr Robinson has not quite pulled it off with this latest diversion.

In essence; we have a composer of movie music who returns to his roots in Yorkshire to write more meaningful compositions and enjoy the fruits of his labours. He buys an isolated house in the dales and discovers it has a history. A murder took place in the house some 50 odd years ago and it would seem that the conviction abd execution of the culprit is not quite as it seems. He takes it upon himself to look into this murder. This does send him on a bit of a chase round the world and this is where we begin to see that it runs a similar course to works by Robert Goddard.

I did not, however, completely buy into the character of Chris and was constantly thinking that this would have been a perfectly good Banks story which has suffered from being transferred out of that universe. I half expected the author to cross over into the Banks world, but fortunately he did not do this. Inspector Banks remains unsullied.

The side-story involving the estate agent is as flimsy as they come and although I got the parallel with the story of the murderess, this was not enough to rescue a failing plot.

Im well aware of my previous criticism of Robert Goddard, but he really does do this sort of thing so much better.

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