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A nice quick read again. Danny McRae is a private investigator working in the remains of London in the period immediately after WWII. A client engages him after she suspects she has killed a man. The ensuing journey takes him … Continue reading

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Found at source

A perfectly well rounded but otherwise fairly plodding procedural from the pen of Stephen booth. It was a neat touch to add equal weight to the two main storylines. There was also a nice parallel between these. DS Fry is … Continue reading

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Laying down the gauntlet (or not)

This book presents a real challenge: to live a life like Christ, in a forgiving and loving way or stick with the endless cycle of revenge and retaliation which is the way of the world. It really does mean giving … Continue reading

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Black, white or grey?

Ok. I decided in a previous post, that I would try and make sense of the “bird” which appears within the “gospel of us”. My reasons for this are explained in that post. My first step was to engage with … Continue reading

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Old skool

This is the second volume of the collated stories from the nemesis episodes from 2000AD. In these we see nemesis’ son “Thoth” exact his revenge for the death of his mother and get to see how Torquemada is the end … Continue reading

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A “tony hill” novel. Does exactly what it says on the tin. This book was a nice swift read, tightly plotted with a highly readable story. In this book we find tony wrestling with the ghosts of his past, via … Continue reading

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Avian ambiguity

Its been over 2 weeks since I took a trip to the cinema to see “Gospel of Us”, the film by Dave McKean, which takes the events of the three day Port Talbot passion and collates them into one feature … Continue reading

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