A “tony hill” novel. Does exactly what it says on the tin. This book was a nice swift read, tightly plotted with a highly readable story. In this book we find tony wrestling with the ghosts of his past, via his now deceased but previously estranged father who has left him a substantial estate in his will. His mother is unhelpful (to say the least) and the reasons for this become very evident.
The main story surrounds a stalker/killer of teenagers via a social networking site. The eventual outcome has a great deal to do with the history of the killer and I had no problems at all accepting the central premise of the story.
All in all it’s highly entertaining stuff and an easy read without needing to think too much about it.
There is an extraneous sub-plot involving an unsolved disappearance but this feels rather clumsily grafted in to the bulk of the book and could quite happily have been left out.

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