Laying down the gauntlet (or not)


This book presents a real challenge: to live a life like Christ, in a forgiving and loving way or stick with the endless cycle of revenge and retaliation which is the way of the world.

It really does mean giving your life over to a different way of thinking and acting and in this we will be more Christ-like. Isn’t this what we are called to be in any case ? Well; yes,but the reality is far from the ideal.

Doubtless that some will be able to rationalise their petty squabbles and still consider themselves to be walking in the way of Christ. Others may consider that it is only the “big” things that we are called to forgive… Those things that happen in another town or in places far away from us. The challenge here is to bring this right to the heart of everything that you are and think and only then can you be an ambassador for peace.

How else are we to live our lives if it is not like this? This is not optional as far as I can see and I do see how we have managed to corrupt the gospel to suit our own world view. Our outward lives must change and then others can see how and why we differ and why that is most definitely the best for the world.

This book is nothing short of life -changing but really it is Jesus we should be thankful for whilst thanking Brian for shining a light on the truth of the gospel.

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