Pleasingly bonkers

The films are back in the book blog… Again…. This time it’s the turn of the crowd-funded independent film “iron Sky”.

This film centres round the central conceit that the nazis went to the moon in 1945 and established a base there and continued to develop technology and weapons as well as mining for “helium 3”. They are discovered by accident by a pair of astronauts who are sent as part of a promotional stunt for the re-election of the president if the USA.

By a series of preposterous events, the arrival of the astronauts allows the nazis to finalise the function of their new super weapon “Götterdämmerung”. However; a trip to earth is required and indeed ensues. Cue the delivery of every single nazi trope you could think of and then some!

There is much you could pick holes in. The opening scenes are very amateur. There are vast plot holes and huge liberties taken with science fact. You will need all your available “willing suspension of disbelief”.

That all said, it is hugely enjoyable fun and amidst the chaos there are a number of very interesting points being made. Not least of which is that the film allows a close look at american imperialism, the like of which you could only really do from a completely absurd angle. This film provides the most absurd angle and from which other angle than the nazis would you get such a view? The whole “helium 3” point becomes critical once it is apparent of its importance. There is also a wry look at the development of space tech and the function of bodies like the UN.

This film is a true “cult classic” and I’m looking forward to the next viewing!

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