This book is a little hard to classify. There are a number of interwoven threads which are not necessarily crime fiction but it is a weak thriller at best.

Our protagonist is a pathologist in a Dublin hospital and the book is set in the post war period. The setting slips as the book progresses and I found this to be a little distracting, as once I had noticed it, I found myself trying to look ever harder for those points which set it to the era. I wonder if the author consciously chose to set this as a “fire and forget” scene setting or whether he simply got bored with the whole book.

In a sense I think it may be the latter as the plot starts in a very promising manner with a number of very intriguing threads. These all gradually fizzle to leave a quite dull and drab ending. I found the last quarter of the book to be quite boring.

There was very little to grab me here so I would think that this gets 33% from me! That’s the first time I think I have consciously rated a book, so I’ll explain my rationale. I started with a rough score from 10 and then decided where it would fit within the scale.

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