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I need to comment and I now need to get it off my chest. I don’t want to read the book and what I really want is others to read something else. This post will be based on my limited … Continue reading

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To say too much would…

As I state in my “about” page, I will try and avoid spoilers. It’s very hard with this book to avoid all spoilers. This is probably not a book I will read again. That is not to say that it … Continue reading

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Deep fried and hard boiled

At this rate I am going to need a separate film blog. Killer joe is the screen adaptation of a Tracey Letts play. The screenplay was adapted by Letts so we can be fairly sure that the authorial intent remains … Continue reading

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Music for the soul

A friend asked me a question a few weeks back, and I never got round to answering it. So here I am again, polluting my book blog with another album/gig review. I’ve always liked Keane,ever since I heard bedshaped played … Continue reading

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When in Rome…

I read a fair bit of crime fiction. It’s rare that it diverges from the usual formula. Mark Billingham has achieved this in “good as dead”. He takes a rather unusual set-up of placing a time limit on the process … Continue reading

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Te dious (and the space is deliberate)

The following refers to the iOS app edition of this book and as such may contain information which goes beyond the published paper version. I’ve been formulating my thoughts about this book for a long time. So long,in fact, that … Continue reading

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