Music for the soul

A friend asked me a question a few weeks back, and I never got round to answering it. So here I am again, polluting my book blog with another album/gig review.

I’ve always liked Keane,ever since I heard bedshaped played at the end of their set for Live8. I had never seen them live but they were on my list.

The soaring vocals and distinct and clear melodies which mark them out are a joy for the heart.

There are few bands which generate a true,deep and heartfelt response akin to a religious experience. To me, Keane do this. The lyrics are written with a considered care and do not fall to the depths of the pithy rubbish often found from many of our chart-topping acts.

The latest album “strangeland” could be considered as a step back to their origins and lacking in originality. In fact, this has been said by other reviewers. They have also said that it is a scramble back to safety after the relative failure of “perfect symmetry”.

The fans have given it a thumbs up so I think they have the last word and if the crowds and lack of available tickets for their gigs is anything to go by, then I would say they have got it spot on.

I saw the live set at the Brixton O2 academy. Here they were on their last night and the sound was perfect. There was a good balance of tracks fro. The various studio albums and in the end the crowd rose to the occasion and gave then the feedback they rightly deserved.

This took time…

I have been to a lot of gigs and I can safely say that I have never before have i been stuck with such a stuck-up middle class bunch of twerps.

The staff at the academy were quite clear about who could and could not stand in the circle area. However this did not stop some idiot punter telling me to sit down. I’m sorry; I obviously missed the point that this was a chamber orchestra recital. I wasnt the only one to be singled out like this, it so happened that others also enjoyed the experience enough to get on their feet.

In the end, the rest of the circle finally got up and gave a bit of a response but it took soooo much time.

Anyway,back to the album.

The tunes are superlative. There is a rousing opener in “you are young” only to be followed by the surging “silenced by the night”. There is much to be consoled by in the ballads: “the starting line” and “watch how you go”. There is outright rock in “disconnected”, “neon river” and “black rain”.

Strangely, the title track is only available on the deluxe version of the album, a curious device, which I can only surmise was to encourage downloads of the more costly version of the album. Hey ho.

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