Deep fried and hard boiled

At this rate I am going to need a separate film blog.

Killer joe is the screen adaptation of a Tracey Letts play. The screenplay was adapted by Letts so we can be fairly sure that the authorial intent remains intact.

In this film our main character “Chris” is in debt to a bunch of thugs. In order to pay this back he seeks to claim on a life insurance policy. To this end he contracts the slick and rather calmly terrifying character of “killer joe”.

From the start this film deserves its 18 certificate and spares nothing in its brutality. There are some darkly comic moments and others which are gut-wrenching.

The original story seems very intact and is not lost in the transition to the screen. It remains as a series of scenes rather than a flowing progression and in my opinion is none the worse for this.

The experience was only slightly marred by the hard-of-thinking audience which this film seemed to attract. They “guffawed” in places where they should really have just shut up and I suspect the marketing for this film has drawn in a group who are only there because they might be titillated by several elements of the artistic expression. The now,potentially infamous, chicken leg scene being one of these.

Dottie is a fantastic character and her innocence is the key to the terror which is thrust upon her by joe.

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