Not in Kansas now…

“Going Out” written by Scarlett Thomas…

Scarlett Thomas has not updated her blog / website recently but has obviously been a little bit busy and continued to write books. Normally Im overflowing with praise for her work, but this one is by far the weakest of the stories. There is an awful lot of build up to a journey which finds our “protagonist”, Luke ,travelling to visit a “healer” who has come to visit Wales. I am fully aware that the basis for this book is the Wizard of Oz and this is reflected in some very subtle ways (B roads…), but I really didn’t engage fully with the characters and I was left struggling to finish the book. However, for me, the triumph was in the way we perceive the narrative and this is alluded to in Luke’s character. There are multiple points where it is explained the “real life” is not like Television and this reaches its culmination at South Mimms services which acts as a watershed in his life as an abrupt awakening to the realities of real life. The book holds its water at this point.


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