The curate and his oeuf



This ebook is a not inconsiderable collection of short stories,poetry and tall tales. The writer has taken a great deal of effort over these and it is clear there is much talent. I did begin to wonder quite why it had been left until so much material had been amassed as some of the work sits neatly together but other would be better split apart. There are clear sub-groups within the collection.

There is much to dig into and I particularly liked the adventure of the murdered philanthropist which has the inklings of a much bigger story. Mr Hutchings has many good ideas and some of these would bear development.

I’m going to confess I have no joy in reading poetry and in particular “rhyming” poetry. Some of this is very clever and the work involved in reworking other stories to fit this format is not lost on me.

There is however a coherent style and this fits well with his referencing of late 19th and early twentieth century fiction. I do like it when authors give a glimpse into their bookshelf from within their own work.

There are some very interesting uses of language and words that even I had to resort to a dictionary for. Always fun.

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