I’m going to confess that I didn’t get at all emotional when I read any of the Harry potter books. I didn’t care so much for any of the characters that I could get involved in the stories. This was not the case for the above. It is a truly lovely story and has many deep currents within it. It is not simply about a journey. It looks at the whole reason for that journey and it starts with an event which is not covered until quite late in the book (but you will have shed a tear long before that).

Harold and Maureen are in love but a rather significant problem has got in the way for a long period of time. We meet a huge cast of cameo roles which show us brief glimpses into other peoples lives (I loved the older chap in Exeter).

These characters are fully fledged people and very unlike the talking cartoons of j k Rowling. I’ve said it before but you really should read a real book if all you are reading is Barry Trotter and the Twiglet stuff and don’t get me on that sheds series (see below).

This book will get right to the heart of what it means to love someone and how relationships truly work in our
confused world.

It’s truly beautiful.

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2 Responses to Emotional

  1. Claire Ady says:

    I liked it too, not the usual Booker style, though, is it?

    • Well. That shows how much I knew! I wasn’t aware of any pending Booker status until that comment. I’m glad of this as I hate preconceptions and I’m sure if I’d had prior awareness it would have altered my feelings toward the book. I would, of course, agree with both your comment and your review. I think it is a little too “light” for that esteemed list, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see anything adult written by j k Rowling on there in the future. Yes I probably have a downer on j k, and yes I’m probably wrong about the potter stuff, but I don’t much care! I should finish another book today so another post will follow this one and the world will keep rolling on. šŸ™‚

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