Not quite what you expect


This book is of the usual high standards you would expect from Paul Torday. His writing has only got better in my opinion and his books are subtle but deliver a punch at just the right moment.

On the face of it, more than you can say, is the story of Richard Gaunt. Richard is a former soldier who has spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is much in this book which looks directly at the issues faced by such men. It looks at how these experiences have shaped their lives and the effects of this on those around them. It would be a gross misunderstanding to simply look at this book as an exposition of PTSD. There is more…

Richard takes a bet from his friend to walk to Oxford from London. During this trip he has an unfortunate encounter with a Range Rover and as an indirect result becomes married by accident.

I spent a good portion of this book trying to work out if we were viewing a fantasy world as projected by Richard but I was very much mistaken and there is a superb piece of misdirection worthy of David Copperfield. All the clues are there and I failed to observe.

Truly superb and I look forward to getting hold of the new book very soon.

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