I am the law

It’s been a while since I have seen a good solid action flick. Dredd does not disappoint. The portrayal in this film is far more honest than in the previous Stallone offering. Mega City One has the distinct edgy feel which was palpable in the comic strip and a number of the themes from that long running series were brought into this film. Setting nearly the whole film in one high rise block gave it a claustrophobic air and whilst there was limited real need for the 3D this does work for the slow motion sequences which are worth the ticket price alone. We catch Dredd in the investigation of the murder of three men; known associates of a notorious gang known as the Ma Ma gang. There is much violence and this reflects the fictional world quite well. I think the realisation of the block and the city work well.

Does anything not work? The dialogue can seem a touch stilted at times and the script is certainly no Shakespeare.

Domhnall Gleeson has a great role as a tech guy who works for the gang and effectively can control the technical parts of the block. He has a story and it is this story which gives a piercing ray into the gloom and terror.

At no point did I feel emotional engagement with either of the main characters, despite the contrivance which allows Anderson to keep her helmet off ( this is true to the comic ).

I liked it and would certainly rate it at slightly better than average possibly about 66%

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