Boring. Just boring


It may just have been me, but I didn’t even laugh at the farting dog. This tale of time travel and world domination lacks sufficient ability to hold the reader engaged.

I’ve read a fair bit of absurdist fiction and whimsy it might seem an honour to acknowledge another author by referencing their work; deliberately plundering an idea and using it as a central plot device is just unfair. It’s also lazy.

The dialogue lacks any of the freshness found in the work of Enid Blyton, whose work is the purported jumping off point for the story.

The author frequently refers to the possibility that we might regret buying this book. Well. I did buy this book, however I gave it to someone as a Christmas present and then borrowed it back. I’m glad I didn’t buy it for myself as I might have wished for my money back.

Robert Rankin, I’m so sorry, I should just have bought one of your books and read it.

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