Good little book this one. Not a word is wasted. The story is tight and the text spartan. We find ourselves in a near future scenario where our protagonist: chief inspector Jensen, is a senior police officer in charge of an investigation into what appears to be a plot to detonate an explosive device in a large building. The building in question is the headquarters of the entire print media operation for the country in question. As this book was written in the sixties it shows remarkable prescience in its portrayal of a society where one organisation can drive the cultural direction of an entire state.
His investigation leads him to look at the characters of those who have recently left the employment of the organisation. It is here that we can really dig deep into the way this society is structured. We also eventually find out about the mysterious department on the 31st floor and indeed regarding the “murder” which has taken place. There is much here to engage an enquiring mind and despite its short length, packs a pile of content and comment.

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