Welcome to the future


The funny thing is…. I really ought not to have read this book almost straight back to back with “them” (see above). This contains a different set of themes but overall the style is the same. The author promises much and delivers… well… bits and pieces. The story of MK ULTRA was quite neatly told but its been covered better elsewhere.

This, I think us the problem. These book are too populist and too generalised in order that they reach a wide audience and this means that you feel like you have read a slightly over-long newspaper article, rather than an analysis of the role and use of psychological warfare in the current age.

But of course! We now live in an age where “in depth” disappeared with the advent of the Internet, a realm where superficial is the watchword and the users largely fail to look beyond the first “opinion” they encounter. It is a place where everyone has a voice and that which is posted is accepted as de facto gospel. It’s no surprise that authors have had to lower themselves to these levels to sell a book in the real world. And yes; I’m perfectly aware that I am writing this on the “internets”, an irony which amuses me at the same time as saddening me. I would refer you to the fact that this blog is to remind me about what I have written and what I am thinking about and is not intended for public consumption. The fact that you are reading this has nothing to do with me!

I’m off to read a proper book……

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