Unadulterated joy!


Music flits in again…I haven’t done this since AFFOC last year so it MUST be a good album! I haven’t posted about a book for a while as I have at least 3 on the go. I’m expecting a deluge of posts in the near future. In the meantime I thought I’d share my thoughts about the new album from Ricardo Autobahn; Rasterscan .

It’s safe to say that I almost always enjoy the music with which he is associated: Spray, Daz Sampson, Attery Squash, Helen Love etc… I was a little nervous when I saw this was purely instrumental but that was swiftly dispelled on listening through.

This album is extremely good for the soul. It feels bright and cheery and puts a smile on your face. The musical themes are woven through the 8 “variations” and make for a pretty coherent piece. Theres almost something ‘religious’ about it, in that you get that internal well-being feeling whilst you Are listenng. It’s hard to express in words just how it makes you feel, so I suggest you get a copy and try it!

There are parts which show that it shares DNA with the work of Jean Michel Jarre (particularly Rendezvous) as well as Enya, and I swear there are nods to Tomita. It’s almost as if he were trying to bring electronic synth pop and classic electronic composing together in a fusion which reflects the decade in which we currently live.

Are there any negatives? If I’m being niggly, I’d say that part 8 doesn’t quite feel like a proper ending. It’s good but I felt it really needed to rise and be more anthemic. You’ll have your own opinions of course but I liked it.

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