Because YOU are worth it!


This is, i believe, a very important read for all managers and business owners. It follows from the hugely influential “5 love languages” and builds on that to create a way of using the same system to communicate appreciation in the workplace. Essentially this boils down to: spending time, giving gifts, verbal praise, doing things for others and “appropriate physical touch”. I suspect the latter was shoe-horned in to make it contiguous with the love languages. It is my belief that this system/idea works well without that element. I’m prepared to be proven wrong as I know that this is the weakest of my “languages”. it is therefore the one which means I need to have a lot of conscious effort before I express gratitude/praise in that way.

There is much to work with in this book and it goes without saying that if you can find a way to improve staff morale without spending a whole heap of cash then this is a “no brainer”.

And I’ve just figured a way of stopping that crappy autosave icon from getting in my field of vision when I’m typing in these posts on my iPhone. Praise be!

Anyway… There’s much more than just a treatise on work appreciation. There’s a whole set of exercises to help you work out which are the best ways to promote this in your workplace as well as a lot of advice on discovering how it can fit to your situation. I found the anecdotes and illustrative examples extremely useful.

But wait… There’s moar… You can apply this to a whole bunch of other situations and there are explanations of how to do this and how it might work in a situation where there are lots of volunteers (church anyone???). I might be taking this to my minister and seeing if he has any thoughts….

In short. Buy it. Read it. Make it work.

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