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What lies beneath

Why am I reading this? Should this even be read by a man? Well. I’m on a long journey. This journey will take a lot of time, its going to be awkward and I need help. I wanted to see … Continue reading

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Contracts exchanged

“Faust among equals" is the second book from this volume. For me, this book is typical of Holt's early work. It draws heavily on his legal knowledge and centres around the contract Faust makes with the devil. Faust has escaped … Continue reading

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Riddle me this,riddle me that ….

This was a nice quick read whilst the kindle took a break from its “Reamde” duties and my wife used it. This is the first “Harry Høle” novel. It’s not the first to be released in the English Language but … Continue reading

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Reamde Firstly there is the title. There are so many anagrams and I spent a good few mins thinking about these and even when writing this the autocorrect suggested another. What’s more is that the anagrams all neatly fit with … Continue reading

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