What lies beneath


Why am I reading this? Should this even be read by a man? Well. I’m on a long journey. This journey will take a lot of time, its going to be awkward and I need help.

I wanted to see if this book had something to help me understand myself as well as be helpful to my nearest and dearest.

It does that quite well. It looks at body,soul and spirit in some reasonable depth and gives a good account of some of the underlying reasons why men act in the way they do.

Parts of the book could be considered misogynistic and there is apology for this by David, but by and large it’s a fairly warts and all account of some of the underlying thoughts which run through our minds on a daily basis. Did I agree with all of it? Nope. However I do feel that it’s a great starting point for a discussion.

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One Response to What lies beneath

  1. Sarah Duncan says:

    I returned to this website, perhaps unwelcome, because I have only just belatedly looked up the reference implicit in the title. Me listening to heavy metal, that’s a first. If it is the Breaking Benjamin song then it speaks to something more profound, entrenched and deeply painful than the post itself might suggest. There again, it could be the Harrison Ford Michelle Pfeiffer film which appears to be a hybrid of Fatal Attraction and Carrie. And on that note…

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