Wtf indeed


If I wanted to read literature then I would not start here!

I know that Mr Coleman is a b3tan and so am I. His identity fots the company of the sane name in this book. I would never have got near this book had I not been introduced to its presence by the premier internet location of satire in the UK: b3ta.

I think this is also why it doesn’t work completely. There are in-jokes and a stack of internet memes as well as every single piece of Internet folklore Mr Coleman could shoe-horn into this tale. There is also a fair bit of repetition of various jokes which is unnecessary. I was amused the first time and repeating then does not make them funnier despite the ever so slightly different context.

That all said, I liked Thomas, and I enjoyed his character. I liked the way the other characters were drawn into the book and their stories. I would actially like to meet Miranda…. There was the germ of a really good book in here with the internet company / immigration tale but it almost seemed as if Alistair wanted to get all the jokes in at the expense of the story.

It was exceptionally cheap as a kindle edition and for the money is very good entertainment.

It is better than “the cuckoo’s calling”…

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