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I’ve been meaning to read this book for a long time. I was initially piqued by the film which was released in 1978 but the desire remained in my memory. The kindle is a great way of acquiring these books quickly and easily. I have been on holiday for the last 2 weeks I have caught up with a fair few of the books on my list!

The tale is well known. Our hero “Richard Hannay” becomes embroiled in a spy story which quickly overflows to a chase through the Scottish LOWLANDS (take note guys cos a lot of readers seem to comment on the film and not the book. I lived in Galloway and the descriptions are of terrain in that locality. Richard does not cross the central belt to end up in the HIGHLANDS. Crucially, the end sequence has the square root of zero to do with Big Ben. It’s a great finish and I’m not sure why the film makers decided to mess about with it. Again there are many who comment on the book whilst referring to this sequence. If you’re going to comment on a book then please do it the justice of reading the thing.

The prose is quite tight but simple. A book this short requires no wasted words and a parallel may be drawn with film (in general) as you have no time to waste great sections on pointless messing around. A lot of modern authors would do well to take note (see previously this week for an overly verbose crime novel).

Superb little story.
I’ve got at least another 4 books to post about yet!

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