Through traffic


A DCI Banks novel – the 20th! I can hardly believe I’ve been reading from the start. His character has been through revolutions and I’ve enjoyed the progression.

I’ve often wondered if Banks’ character reflects the life of the author and with reference to his smoking I’m almost certain this is true. His foreign forays always have an authentic feel and this is particularly evident with the Talinn section in this book. I almost felt as if I was reading the tourist guide myself !

This tale is standard Banks fare and none the worse for that. There is a murdered policeman who was on the trail of a missing teenager some six years ago. There is a whole story surrounding migrant workers and the lives they lead and the connections to organised crime. These stories collide in Tallinn.

A new face is introduced in the form of Joanna Passero. She is a professional standards officer who is looking to transfer to detective work. I’m hoping her character is developed further, much as we have seen with other supporting regulars. The interplay between Banks and her works much better than it has with others. This relationship develops over a series of conversations but I was somewhat bemused by the backwards step within the last one. This seemed a little out of step with the way it was heading but on second thoughts could just be a more natural way for things to develop and possibly more in keeping with the way real situations develop.

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  1. I’m only on Wednesday’s Child, but I really enjoy his books, partly cos I’m an Englishman abroad too

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