Burning it up


If a book could be described like a film this one would be a “popcorn book”. This is partly because the narrative thread of this book follows a classic and very formulaic three act profile. The story development is entirely in a film type format and I think the book is clearly another example of a book written by an author who knows this will be optioned for film and it has been written to fit. There are therefore no surprises. You’ve read it all before. The only difference is the basis of the plot.

Here we have a lunatic scientist who is about to unleash a terror upon the world. Our hero, Robert Langdon, wakes up in a hospital ward seemingly suffering from a bout of amnesia and is immediately thrust into a web of intrigue surrounding his actions during the the preceding days. In order that he may solve the problem,he must try to unpick his tracks so he might save the world. And so on. It’s nonsense but enjoyable nonsense and therefore worth a read. Don’t read it expecting finely nuanced character observation and deep insights into the issues raised, because you won’t get it. As a light piece of harmless fun it’s superb.

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