The sacrificial altar.

I dug this thriller from a pile of books I had in my bedside drawer. My wife reads a lot more than I do and the pile gets larger as a result.

The arrival of a new crime thriller series is always a potential source of both anticipation and of slight disappointment that an author has felt the need to announce a series right from the outset. I’m not against series as such, just the expectation that a character will be part of a series. This assumes that the reader wants a series to develop when in some cases it might be better to just provide a standalone novel.

Rebekah Martinsson is a Stockholm based accountancy lawyer who gets embroiled in the political machinations in her home town church where a particularly grisly murder has taken place. The murder is of a local religious “celebrity” and the finger of suspicion is waved at his sister.

There are some good elements and neat plotting but as I’ve said before, the final act is absurd and clearly aimed at a TV audience. There really is no need. It weakens the whole book and is intensely unrealistic. Authors are continuing to disappoint in their quest to gain the elusive movie/TV option. I’m unimpressed.

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