The last couple of books I have read have been pretty ropey so it has been good to read something where I actually care about the characters and has characters which are well drawn and fully fleshed.

I’ll admit that I was sceptical at first but this book builds into a tense thriller built round the psychologist “joe o’loughlin”. He is drawn into becoming the suspect for a murder case and at each turn there would appear to be no way he can outrun the allegations. To resolve the problem he must delve into the past and unearth some history. He must unpick what is happening to him piece by piece and apply his analytical skills to his own situation.

It rattles on at a fair pace and keeps you wanting more.

There are touches of Robert Goddard style in here and the narrative thread reflects a similar progression to one of his novels. This is not a bad thing and on the whole it works well.

If I have one niggle, it is the cinematic/TV denouement. Anyone who reads this blog will realise that this is a particular point of mine. I’m quite bored that all thrillers and crime seem to end in the same way. Does this have to be the case? I don’t know because I’m not an author but I’m sure that a bit of creativity wouldn’t go amiss.

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