I rad the first of this series, “the book with no name”, some while back. The absurdly violent nature and ridiculous plot provided a welcome deviation from much of mainstream fiction.

This second book,however, failed to light me in the same way. It felt … strained. There was a fairly linear plot involving the key characters from the previous novel and a predictably violent thread running through it. I just felt that it seemed like an attempt to rehash where the author had been before just to get a second book out. I finished it, but only because I don’t like unfinished books and don’t think it is fair to comment on something you have not properly experienced.

The whole “vampire” thing is terribly tiresome and I read the book wondering whether the author felt they needed to write it round the vampire “lore” just in order to satisfy a particularly large audience who are obsessed with Twiglet.

Will I read the third one ? Probably not. It exists at home but I can’t say that I have a desire to go to the shelf and get it read .

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