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You Are Stronger Than You Think - The Best of Motivation from Time Management Ninja


I’ve been a fan of the “Time management ninja” since I discovered his blog earlier this year. Each week there is a well written and useful article on some aspect of time organisation and improving productivity. The great thing is that the tips given are often useful in areas other than a business or work setting. The prevailing ethos is one to which I fully subscribe: that it is YOU that is at the centre of your success / failure and changing YOUR heart is the way to change your whole life. What seems to happen is that if you do this, then you will attract others to do the same and success is therefore “catching”.
I like the way that it is aimed at ANYONE and not just those in a management setting
This book collects a number of the best of the motivational articles and is therefore unashamedly a collection of “articles”. The book does not lose anything as a result. You can dip in or out as you please but there is no single narrative thread or constructed overall argument. Its strength lies in the fact that you can pick up anywhere and you do not need to read the whole book for it to make sense.
I’ll be recommending this book to my colleague who is at the centre of such motivational work for our group. Normally when I write a review I tend to let out my pet niggles. I got through this book without having any.
Oh… and I need to design my annual Christmas card (I’ll start it today!)

Update – I lifted this review from mine on Amazon and I have designed the Christmas card and the materials are ordered – I just need to motivate myself to put the bits together!

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  1. Kelly Combs says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Simon. We appreciate it.

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