At last! A book which ends in a non-standard way! Fiction that excels by being fiction and telling stories of lives.

This is an interesting tale looking at the dynamics of a group of unrelated young people thrown together in an alien environment with seemingly no means of escape. These people are introduced to is one by one and their lives collide due to a job interview. The result of their interview is an exile to a foreign land and in some ways there are many echoes of “the tempest” in here. We have an island, we have characters who are at various stages of their lives and differing social standing, we have fools, the practical and a good dose of magic (fear). There is fear in spades and we have a body….

I loved the fact that we get chance to really see what makes these characters truly “real” within the book. We can understand them at a level which is deeply satisfying and whilst we can never know everything about them, the few hours we do have paints a most interesting picture.

Scarlett Thomas always manages to weave a subversive tale and her books are populated with rich characters, some of whom we will like and others we will not but always very well described.

Plot? There isn’t really a plot, more of an exploration of the fears and thoughts of tweety something’s in a premillenial thinking.

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