Ready, steady… Are you really ready? Really?


Crush Your Procrastination- Craig Jarrow

Then GO! Really go. Just Act. Go on…

I’ve got to say that this book is a true gem. So many helpful little tips. At its core is a series of articles which revolve around the topic of taking action to get things done. At the heart of this is the assumption that you want to actually get things done and this is critical. If you do not feel in your heart that you do not actually want something enough then no amount of tips will help you but, if you have any inclination to get started then this book is for you.

In a way it is about “readiness”. You need to get yourself ready and take action no matter how small that action may be. Taking action trumps sitting around and waiting for things to come to you every time. But… You gotta be ready! I’m currently shifting the way I think about everything and am now firmly of the belief that YOU are at the core of what you are. This book helps to point you in the direction and to be ready to meet the challenges ahead . Your success awaits – go get it!

It’s not limited to a business setting, a lot of what is said can be applied to personal organisation in so many areas of life. 
It has links to further blog articles and other points of call on the web and this makes it a little more interactive. The only challenge is to keep on task whilst you are reading it! 

You don’t have to read it all in one go but I think a first read through is helpful to get the pattern of what is there. 
The good news is that a lot of what is said is so straightforward and simple that it can be applied straight away.
For instance, whilst reading this book, I was writing notes in this file and making reminders to myself for various tasks as well as being with the staff on their lunchbreak. 

My smartphone gets a lot of use and when it is not acting as a leash it really does help – a lot of the tips in here help to shift your view about the use of the tools you have around you and it is a willingness to think a little harder about what you are doing that will help you gain the success you deserve.

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