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This is the third of the trilogy I bought for the kindle last year. Jon Ronson has a literary style which makes for very easy reading and this, I think, flows from his journalism background. This book is a tour … Continue reading

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howling at the moon

  I picked this up for the kindle quite some while ago, but only recently got round to reading it. At first I was a little concerned that it was trying way too hard to be quirky and there are … Continue reading

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mired in clay?

  I’ve probably got more than a couple of Goddard books in this list. This is because I like his books. They are always tightly plotted and contain more twists and turns than the average mountain road in the Alps. … Continue reading

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This book is about choices. It is about how we explore ambition and the drive to succeed and the rationalisations we use in our pursuit of that success. The book is full of complex and well observed characters and this … Continue reading

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See through

Spoilers ahead… This is a hefty read and has held me up for several weeks. It is a gripping tale of adventure set in a re-imagined Europe with the actual location bearing some resemblance to the UK but fictional countries, … Continue reading

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