mired in clay?



I’ve probably got more than a couple of Goddard books in this list. This is because I like his books. They are always tightly plotted and contain more twists and turns than the average mountain road in the Alps.

Unfortunately he does often write characters who seem to fall into holes way too easily. In this book I would contend that he has stopped doing that and as a result it is one of the best he has written for some time.

Johnathon Kellaway is on the verge of retirement but is asked to help discover the location of some missing records by the chairman of the company he works for. The reason? So that the chairman can have a full and accurate history of the company written. Or so it would seem.

Jonathan has worked in the China clay industry for his whole life and it requires him to revisit parts of his own history in order that he might unravel the mystery. It deepens and he finds himself drawn into the murky world of family secrets and company history.

Its fast paced and very engaging.

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