An uncomfortable creep into the depths



This would seem like fairly standard crime thriller fare. I’m quite happy to say that Robotham has created a pretty standard flawed protagonist in the figure of Joe O’loughlin. His world is then populated with relatively “off the shelf” characters who do not appear to deviate from their predictable paths. In my last review of one of his books I did accuse it of having an overly cinematic/televisual ending. This one repeats that and I’m not sure I’ll be going back for more. I might but I have a lot of books I could read. If you like your crime thrillers predictable and like a TV plot then this is for you. That said… the basis for the plot is quite nasty and creepy and I did feel that there was a degree of interest in the way the paedophilia story played out. However, I couldn’t help but sense a slightly exploitative and sensationalist streak within the plot and that wasn’t for me.

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