Peeling back the layers



This book has a rather unique premise which I liked tremendously. The story is traced via the lives of various inhabitants of a London Street. We meet and follow a few of the characters and delve deeper into their stories. We are also drawn to follow the stories of some of those whose lives are also bound to that street, such as the traffic warden or the artist whose grandmother is a resident. Through this tale we can see the whole structure of city life, from those who inhabit hostels to those who are at the very pinnacle of income. It provides a wonderful snapshot of social commentary on the events surrounding the financial crisis of 2008 and does this without being ham-fisted. That commentary does not draw the line at merely looking at the bankers but looks at how other parts of society were affected by these events. There are comments on end-of-life, love, infidelity, art, healthcare and the politics of football.

There is so much depth to this book. In some ways it reminded me of Alejandro Inarritu’s film: “Biutiful” although with a far less harrowing narrative. By this I am referring to the fact that it too is another story which x-rays the society it looks at in order that you may see something you never saw before.

so much good stuff and each story would be a good one on its own but as a whole it is superlative

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