This book reflects the mirage of life. We have a character in Alan who has been chasing a mirage in his life and is chasing a mirage at work in the possible contract to provide IT to the new KAEC.

We see the complete clash of ideologies between Saudi Arabia and the mirage of the American dream. I felt that it highlighted the solidity in the way of working in Arabia. It may seem counter to our culture to live with the certainty of God and live outside the capricious world of commerce. This difference is revisited throughout the book through the various vignettes we are given. I loved the hunting trip.

This book gives you space to reflect on what it means to be alive in the world and how you respond to the events that occur. I think this allows us to explore the spiritual component of our lives and what we use to provide a construct for our lives.

The story is actually quite light but this book is way more than its story

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