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Through the letterbox

  I’m always intrigued by the ‘quirky’ novel. This book falls into that category. I do, however, wonder about all the books which never get published at all. What happens to them? What happens to those which are published but … Continue reading

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This is one of those books which many claim to have read and yet others will look down upon you for not having read it. An intellectual snobbishness has grown up around its presence. It appears on lists of books … Continue reading

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An historical festival and an interesting question

Not books this time, rather; theatre. We go to the theatre a fair bit and not least because we live in reasonably close proximity to Stratford-upon-Avon. The RSC which is based there provide a veritable cornucopia of treats and some … Continue reading

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Dig deep

  Jason is a troubled man. He has a body in his backyard and he put it there. In the process of moving on from the death of his wife, he embarks on a set of home improvements and almost … Continue reading

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