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Jason is a troubled man. He has a body in his backyard and he put it there. In the process of moving on from the death of his wife, he embarks on a set of home improvements and almost immediately the gardeners stumble across a body in the front yard. This quickly leads to the discovery of a second. The story behind these has nothing to do with Jason but it quickly becomes Jason’s problem when the brother of the previous homeowner is identified as someone who can help the Police.

What happens next takes  a relatively short amount of real time but the majority of the book to elaborate. This is where this book excels: in the detailed description of the descent into anarchy that is the sequel to the decisions Jason has made. This short time frame really pulls the book into a tight narrative and we can see everything in a series of vignettes.

One of the stars of the story is the simply superlative “Tessa”. Her character is well drawn, cleverly brought to life and we see the scene from a perspective we would not otherwise get. We do this because Tessa is a dog and her thoughts do have a seemingly truthful feel to them. Jamie Mason obviously understands canine behaviour and as a result we are treated to a character who has depth and feeling.

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